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John Janos
Bass Guitar
Christopher Lee Drums

Ft. Lauderhell, Florida
United States of America

Alice Cooper, The Cramps, Ramones, Kiss, Misfits
Alice Cooper, The Cramps, Ramones, Kiss, Misfits

NThe tawdry & sordid existence of the Horrorcult or more aptly, the cult of death celebrants which our victims (you...) will come to know as "Death Becomes You..." reverts back to one miserable summer Anno Domini '97!! The insidious horrors had begun when John Janos, (vokills) who was enrolled in a local Film & Special FX school became dissatisfied & opted to withdraw to concentrate solely on bringing to fruition, a vision he had been harboring for a number of years!! Being that he (Janos) was a huge horror sci/fi film fan since a tender age & was gifted in drawing, painting, etc, he wanted to create something raw musically, yet visually disturbing & very theatrical to rival his contemporaries... He had a repertoire of lyric's, idea's, & prop's that he had completed as he wanted to waste no time in getting to work, once he recruited would-be members to further his he began by dispersing "want-ads" locally!!

Despite the numerous inquiries which he received, each time he met of the incapacitants face-to-face in hopes of finding someone suitable, it became painfully evident that these cretinous humans did not possess the unique qualities needed for him to come one step closer to finalizing a line-up, OR his vision!! Bare in mind that this was only late '97 & that these unfortunate, time-consuming mishaps would occur ad-infinitum until sometime into the early month's of '98, when Janos propositioned Christopher Lee, (coffin text percussive) who John knew from his stint playing with a local act some 6-7 years prior... What drew Janos to Lee was the simple fact that he felt Lee was the ideal drummer for what he wanted to accomplish as he (Lee) play's with relentless energy & stamina, carries himself like a star, was heavily inspired by the same artist's, was a very animated personality & to his benefit...heavily into satanism!!

Once the two had compared musical influences & agreed to what they aspired to create musically and visually, they decided to join forces to create the ultimate audio/visual union of death & horrific images...the equivalent of George Romero's "Dead" films come to technicolored life, primitive death worship, (satanism) further teemed with their own twisted and visceral ideas!! In order to create the ultimate machination of living death!! Now the two, unified with devious ulterior motives, began the search for the 3rd dead subordinate who would play guitar... A rather important piece in their puzzle as this soul would be a prominent figure in the shaping of their audial odes to horror, further bringing their gutwretching visions to life, er, death!! Considering Lee & Janos were both a considerable age, they wanted the other half of the cult (band) to be preferably younger, in hopes they would be open to idea's and criticism and further more, willing to be melded into dead gods!! The body in question...was an acquaintance of the two who had been involved with music, working sound in clubs, & playing live at a very young & uncommon age & was right underneath their rotting faces all along.........Alas, Gory (chainsaws)!!

When they conversed with him (Gory) about their diabolic plans & then offered him the position, he was eager to get involved due to the reputation of Lee!! In the meantime, the three ghouls familiarized themselves with each others playing styles & ability, where Christopher Lee & Gory gelled from the 1st incendiary note... Lee knew then & there the gruesome twosome has exhumed one fresh cadaver!! Never, was there even a question of doubt as to who would be their fiendish bass player & solidify the union of dead & damned souls... Enter Nicodemous (treble) who had known Lee & Gory for years, as he roadied for Twiggy Ramirez' old band, who he won't mention as it's hardly a credential, but more importantly because he was an astutely physical manboy, always looking for violence, not to mention he was a total KISS freak, and to his benefit, studied all of Gene Simmon's moves the way a prizefighter would before the final bout!!

Now that the circle was complete and the pentagram drawn...they began the arduous task of writing material, 1st playing various covers & acquainting themselves with each other's styles, then...the violence commenced!! The goal was to create songs that had an atmosphere of pulse-quickening & spine-tingling horror, the kind of feeling derived from watching a classic horror film.. That, accompanied with a larger than death persona, a very morbid stageshow, (representing physical death after spiritual ruin...) in order to create the ultimate visage of death intensive splendor!!

The first hymn that would compose their repertoire...(Devil's Night) came together within mere weeks and shaped the direction the remaining material would follow!! They then chose to spend the ensuing 9 months writing material & designing their stageshow!! Being that this was the first band 3 of the members (Lee, Janos, & Nicodemous) had ever put together and gave rise to...they wanted everything (from the look, sound, & stage presence to the stageshow...) to be a vicious & imposing vehicle for the macabre!! From their first disturbing & violent performance that took place in May Anno Domini '99 (the 23rd to be exact...)

The dead made their presence known before an unsuspecting world by executing a show that consists of makeshift cemeteries, gallows which beside ensnaring Lee on his throne, host disemboweled babies, coffins they arise from, blood rites, & the adherence of ghoul makeup to shed human frailties & embody the spirit of death!! With this single performance, the deathcult were banned from this said rock n' roll shithouse that shall remain nameless!! Since that time...the band has received a fair amount of attention in local newspapers (see the news section) as well as arts/entertainment weekly's where they have been admonished for their left of center approach, sense of professionalism, & resolve towards performing!!

Besides performing on bills with other local acts that are specified by the band, they have opened up for 3 national acts within a 5 month period of being a live act, something quite unheard of for a band of such stature!!! It also speaks volumes about their performances, regardless of the messages...this is real entertainment, not an act, something the band members feel they have already died for and are willing to do so for again!! The bands they have been honored to share stages with include Cleopatra recording artists Switchblade Symphony & Razed In Black, "the legendary" Marky Ramone and the Intruders, as well as Godhead, Mortiis, & Christian Death all in one fateful evening!!

As of Nov. 2nd the band released it's debut recording...the 5 track CD EP "UNEARTHED" which features artwork by renowned artist Jeff Gaither who has worked with such luminaries as The Accused, GG Allin, etc, also designing shirts for Metallica & Guns N' Roses!! The release super-ceded by a show on Oct. 30th called "The Devil's Night Massacre..." that will be legendary even in hell, due to patrons smashing the lambs heads we displayed on spears on the floor, kids slidng in lamb brains, people swinging from the mannequins that we hung from the rafters in homage to Sharon Tate, etc!!


Not Available

Not Available

Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
Unearthed CD 5 November 1999
The Tarnished Tapes of Transylvania CD 12 November 2001
Make It Bleed CD 5 January 2004
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