Artist: Uncle Binley's Room Album: La Crema De La Muerte
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Genre: Psychedelic Alternative Rock
Release Date:
Sept. 15th 2000

General Info:

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Uncle Binley's Room
2. Five of Mine
3. Germ Crew
4. Got No Car
5. Caution Strips
6. Numba One Wac Rhyme Thrilla

7. Straight To Jail
8. A Plus Plus

9.Far Cooler Than Uncle Fuzzy
10. La Crema De La Muerte
11. Just One Swig
12. Dracs
13. Quamberry's Mantra
14. Graveyard Shift
15. Tough Guy
16. Soap
How best to describe this CD? Uncle Binley's Room are one of those bands that just doesn't sit right in any pidgeon hole - Chaos commandos residing in the stark zone inside the Chicago city limits, these guys redefine the word "Psychedelic" for the 21st century. Enveloping elements of groove and rock in a hot chilli sauce of dark funk, Uncle Binley's Room are best served straight from the microwave with a hunk of electronica on the side!

Reviewer: Mark Edwards