Artist: Spacial Entrepreneurs Album: With Stars & The Cosmic Motion
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Genre: Rock
Release Date:
January 2006

General Info:

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. My Own Worst Enemy
2. Beard
3. Jazz Mag
4. Rainfall In Summertime
5. Spacial Entrepreneurs

Every now and again a CD turns up here at SkidMark HQ which brings on a "Wow!" the first time it hits the player, and “With Stars & The Cosmic Motion” is one of these rarities - it virtually smoulders with raw talent!! The non-descript hand drawn cover and unlabelled CD-r masks a collection of fresh, innovative, original rock tracks dripping in coolness.

The CD showcases the versatility of this amazing two piece showing their ability to amalgamate distinct sounds & styles yet make them their own – listen to track 3 “Jazz Mag” for instance and you can instantly recognize influences as diverse as the Chilli Peppers, Rage Against The Machine and Metallica interlaced with funky, Jazz guitar licks. The first three songs demonstrate the tight, skillful abilities of the Entrepreneurs, but my favourite by far is the self titled track 5 “Spacial Entrepreneurs” Which has an individual sound and style of it’s own – it rocks! I hope these guys are going to be around making music for a long time – I sincerely believe musically they have “what it takes” and with the right breaks go right to the top...

Reviewer: Mark Edwards