Artist: Saturna Album: ...All Night
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Genre: Shoegazer
Release Date:
October 2006

General Info:

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Springboard
2. Pop Rocks
3. Just For Thrills
4. Blanket of Stars
5. Chasing The Unpredictable
6. Just For Thrills (Radio Edit)

What a great debut taster of things to come! There may only be 6 tracks on this EP but each track synergistically meshes with the next leaving you with that "wow I want to ride again!" thrill of riding a roller coaster - these cosmic, bliss pop masterpieces may have been born in the shoegazer genre but man, they rock!! Additive songs, crisp production, eye candy packaging - this CD has it all... a wholehearted, SkidMark recommended purchase for the definitive indie CD collection...

Reviewer: Mark Edwards