Artist: Red Cell Album: 245t
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Genre: Rock
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1. Hoping
2. Nero
3. Ascension
4. 999
5. 5th Signal
6. Hate

7. Kiva
8 . Lose
9 . All Things

Here's a CD that's accurately described in the promotional literature as being "heavy rock with an industrial edge" - From the first bars of the intro track "Hoping" there are instant comparisons to bands such as early Nine Inch Nails & Ministry but the solid back bone of hard rock isn't masked with the latter's preference for huge levels of industrial sampling, white noise & distortion - I Like it! The harder edges of the album are tempered with the slightly more melodic sounds of the likes of "5th Signal" giving a good balance to the overall playlist. Pamela Hammond's powerful vocals haunt the tracks wraith-like and at times sound akin to a female version of Warrior Soul's Kory Clarke on the album "Drugs, God & The New Republic" - another personal favourite... If you like industrial rock which is unadultarated by volumes of sampled noise or are simply looking for an introduction to the genre, then this CD is for you!

Reviewer: Mark Edwards 24-04-07