Artist: Liszt Album: 3 Track Demo
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Genre: Alternative / Britpop
Release Date:
February 2005

General Info:

The 3 tracks are taken from the forthcoming album "Bethnal Green". Band are involved with Lincolnshire's only independent label and promotions company Foundry Crew Productions which they help to run a day to day basis.

Track Listing

1. A Thousand Questions
2. She Walks Away
3. Avalanche

Liszt are one of those bands who are a bit of an enigma - They are instantly familiar like you've been listening to them for years yet sound new... fresh... different... I can hear nuances of a number of different genres within their sound but I won't try to pigeonhole them - the music's too cool to pin a badge on. I haven't heard many new British independents lately that inspire me to play their CD's more than once but Liszt are more than an exception - this 3 track sampler can hold it's own against many a full length album I've heard - just put the CD player on repeat play and keep listening - you won't get bored waiting for the release of the full length album!

Reviewer: Mark Edwards