Artist: Glyn Bailey Album: Toys From Balsa
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Genre: Alternative / Pop
Release Date:
10th May 2005

General Info:
Available to buy from or direct from Glyn's web site

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Sorry (She Went Down On Me But I Thought About You)
2. East & West
3. Don't Just Sit There (Do Something)
4. L'Humanité
5. He Says She Says
6. Missing

7. My Love Is Ourt In Space
8. Yellow Rage

9. Flowers Everywhere
10. A Dream Of Laurel & Hardy
11. The Plastic Bag Song (Facts)
12. Part of Me
13. D Block Girl
14. Last Day Of Summer
15. Friends (John & Yoko in Bed)
What a wonderfully alternative album! I love it when preconceptions of an artist are utterly destroyed upon listening to their CD - from the description of Glyn's vocal style of being reminiscent of Bowie I prepared myself for some mediocre semi-droning but how wrong I was! Yes, there is a similarity to Bowie in as much Glyn has a distinct & powerfully individual sound but musically that's where the comparison ends. I've never been a big fan of Bowie but I definitely could be of Glyn Bailey - the album is a fantastically diverse collection of alternative tunes ranging from acoustica to psychedelia - with each song married to beautifully crafted lyrics filled with the echoes of real life - sometimes humorous, sometimes melancholy, at times even political - this superb collection of life experiences put to music can not fail to touch everyone at some point during the hour+ of listening time. Spot-on sound production and Slick packaging make this a debut album plenty of mainstream artists could learn a few lessons from!

Reviewer: Mark Edwards