Artist: Belt Album: Dead Come Back
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Genre: Alternative / Pop
Release Date:
27th September 2004

General Info:
CD features Marco Accattatis, Jack Gourdine & Stefanie Seskin from BLUE NUMBER NINE on Bass, Drums & Woodwind - The album was also recorded & mastered at BN9's new recording studio & released on their own "Check Other Records" label.

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Never Tired
2. Got A Hole
3. Self
4. The American Holiday Song
5. The Ballad of Walter And Joanne
6. Night Of The Living Dead

7. Spaced Out
8. Last Tantrum

9. St. Clair's Lament
10. Sorry Moe (Cuzz I'm The Boss)
11. My Year On Earth
Here's one of those albums you come across now and again where the flawlessly smooth engineering / production is actually detrimental to the overall sound of the band - I get the gut feeling this band rocks live and if some of the rawness of a live performance could have been captured and injected into this recording I'd probably be raving about the CD. I'm not saying this is a bad album, far from it - there are some strong, original guitar-driven songs on this disc but to me they come across a little sanitized & soulless - I'd love to see these guys play live as I can imagine this stuff sounds very cool through a couple of 100 watt stacks!! Top marks for the CD art & packaging.

Reviewer: Mark Edwards