Artist: John Taglieri Album: True Believer
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Genre: Rock
Release Date:
14th August 2015

General Info:

This and all of John's previous 13 CDs can be purchased from the website,

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Don't Ask Why
2. True Believer
3. Way Out
4. Take This Ride
5. Above The Sunrise
6. Mad Mad World


From the blistering intro riff of "Don't Ask Why" to the final fade out of "Mad Mad World", John Taglieri ’s forteenth release, ‘True Believer’, ROCKS! Faster & heavier than many of John's previous albums, True Believer shows that even though 16 years have passed since his debut album Leap of Faith, John can still produce the goods! My fingers were tapping and my head was nodding from start to finish - great job JT. Of the six songs there's potential in each of becoming somebodies 'fave track', but for me personally Above The Sunrise stood out as one I'll be listening to a lot!

Reviewer: Mark Edwards