Artist: The High Violets Album: Cinéma
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Genre: Shoegazer
Release Date:
October 2010

General Info:

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Goodnight Goodbye
2. Midnight's Child
3. Angela
4. Cin
5. The Orchard
6. The City
7. The Believer
8. Murmur

9. Vortex

It's been 4 years since SkidMark voted the Violet's last release, "To Where You Are" best independent CD of 2006, and so to say the release of Cinéma has been 'eagerly anticipated' is definitely an understatement! And I'm happy to say the new album doesn't disappoint. The first two tracks 'Goodnight Goodbye' & 'Midnight's Child' are characteristically cool High Violets bliss-pop for which the price of the CD is worth alone, but there are a couple of surprises along the way such as the piano driven track 3 'Angela' which is the closest to a melancholy song I've ever heard from the Violets, track 4 'Ciné' which features Clint Sargent on vocals, (and although I fell in love with Kaitlyn Ni Donovan's voice years ago, the male vocals on this track really works giving the song a real classic shoegaze quality), and the instrumental track 8, 'Murmur' which has nuances of spacey, trippy 80's electronica. The beautiful, shimmering exit track 'Vortex' is a fitting end to a wholesome, tour de force of the shoegaze genre - a deserving recipient of SkidMark's BEST INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT CD 2010hoegaze

Reviewer: Mark Edwards