Artist: Desolation Angels Album: Asylum
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Genre: Alternative
Release Date:
18th March 2004

General Info:
Newly signed to the Blue Cat records, this CD is the Angel's first full length album release on this label.

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Stari Chelovek
2. Asylum
3. Crows
4. Steppenwolf
5. Sixes and sevens
6. Dreams of flight

7. Rabbit Huts
8. Blank

9. Day begins
10. Pushed
11. Ringroad
12. Timeclock
13. Write my name
Asylum is a CD which sounds as I was hoping it would - a "coming of age", logical progression of the band's self-released 2001 debut "Rocks in her Pocket", (later re-released on the Prolekult label in 2002). Asylum is a seamless transition from EP to album with no loss of that distinctively tender, yet oh-so-melancholy Angels sound. The album can be described as a gallery of audio artwork; akin to a photographic collection of black and white industrial wasteland imagery, the music and lyrics of Asylum are truly stark, disturbing, yet serenely beautiful.

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