Artist: Dana Shellmire Album: Aural Ammunition
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Genre: Rock
Release Date:
May 2004

General Info:
Bonus track 15 "Let Me Live" from the Heptoplonic Dreams soundtrack 1999 remixed by Peter Lolacono.

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Most
2. Flower Girl
3. Snapshots
4. Let's Go Jack, I'm...
5. Red Hot
6. Swirling In The Undertow

7. Dream Logic
8. Running

9. No Words
10. N-Scale Model Railroad Station
11. Saturday Morning Science
15. Let Me Live
This album is a kaleidoscope of soundscapes swooping and soaring seamlessly through a number of distinct genres - From Anastasia-like power-pop / funky soul to RATM / Red Hot Chilli Pepper-esque, attitude-dripping rap, This CD has something for everyone! Dig deeper than the cool musical veneer and you'll be touched by the depth and social awareness of the lyrics - some heavy stuff is covered by this album, from drug addiction (Red Hot) and physical abuse (Running), to lamenting the ridiculous "politically correct", litigation-hungry society (Snapshots) we all now live in.

As I was brought up on a staple diet of heavy metal and psychedelic rock, this ready-for-the-mainstream collection of diversely flavoured tracks shouldn't really appeal to me - BUT THEY DO!!! The talent and intensity of Dana Shellmire & her band demands you to listen to this CD from start to finish on a daily basis, so get yourself a copy and go listen to it NOW!!

Reviewer: Mark Edwards