Artist: Death Becomes You Album: Make It Bleed
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Genre: Grave Wave
Release Date:
March 2004

General Info:
3rd CD release by DBY. This recording is their first release after signing to the JMB records label.

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Intro
2. Planet Graveyard
3. Cadaverized
4. Bad Day At Salem
5. And Crows Will Dig Your Grave
6. I Wanna Live

7. Scratch The World
8. Bats In Your Belfry

9. Cobwebs
10. The Hearse
11. Lay Waste The World

If you were to hire Professor Frankenstein to help build you a rock band then these are the guys he'd sew together for ya! Like a cross between rock gods Kiss & the cast of a zombie dawn of the dead film, DBY's look is as hard to catagorize as their unique sound. An unholy union of heavy metal & Punk rock would give birth to the bastard child that is DBY and the latest album, "Make it Bleed" is a fine example of this gene splicing. The blood bath begins with the fist-in-your-face track "Planet Graveyard" (SkidMark's personal favourite track on the CD). The aural abuse continues with more Killer tunes such as the memorable "And crows will dig your grave", "Scratch The World", "Bats In Your Belfry", and their cover of the Ramones classic "I wanna Live", to name but a few.

If Hell was a gig then DBY would be the headliner act. Heavier than a marble gravestone, cooler than a week old corpse, this band have a sound and stage presence wicked enough (and loud enough!) to raise the dead!