Artist: Comeg Album: Waking From Sleep
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Genre: Rock / Pop
Release Date:
November 2017

General Info:

This and all of Comeg's previous seven albums can be downloaded for free from the band's website,

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Sheila Sapphire
2. Newt In a Suit
3. How Do You Sleep At Night?
4. America 7-O
5. Watch With Me A While
6. AI Men And Robot Reptiles

7. Of Science And Men
8. Leave The Phone Alone

9. Rome Is Burning
Elvis Of Nazareth

15 years and 8 albums on, Comeg is still producing outstanding, addictive work which on first play demands immediate attention. Waking From Sleep is as cool as anything that came out of Manchester during the 90's yet is fresh and relevant covering modern issues such as the obsession with the mobile phone. More mature and perhaps a touch more world weary than earlier releases I do like this collection with my personal tracks of note being the opener 'Sheila Sapphire', 'Rome is Burning' with it's haunting James Bond-esque guitar riff and 'AI Men and Robot Reptiles' - though it changes daily as all the tracks on this album are of a high calibre and there's some seriously good guitar work strung across the whole CD! Still beats me how an artist this good is still independent - if I ran a label I'd snap 'em up....

Reviewer: Mark Edwards