Artist: Comeg Album: Touched With Fire
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Genre: Rock / Pop
Release Date:
October 2010

General Info:

This and all of Comeg's previous six albums can be downloaded for free from the band's website,

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Fade Away
2. Breathe With Me
3. Crazy Shaker
4. Empty Chair
5. Big Metal Chicken
6. Soul Without Soul

7. The Sound of Fear
8. The Light is Bright

9. Please Save My Rock And Roll

Harder, darker, more mature… and bloody good! That’s first impressions from listening to Exeter-based Comeg’s latest offering, ‘Touched with fire’. The band’s seventh album has been worth the four year wait and begs the same question asked back when reviewing previous releases in 2003 & 2005 – why haven’t Comeg been signed yet?!

From the first bars of the opening track ‘Fade Away’ to the mesmerising anthemic exit track ‘Please save my rock and roll’ the album takes you on an exhilarating rock an’ roller coaster ride of some of the best indie rock songs I’ve heard this year – personal favourites are ‘The sound of Fear’ & ‘Please save my rock an’ roll’ – by far the best independently released UK album to hit the SkidMark sound system in 2010!

Reviewer: Mark Edwards