Artist: Comeg Album: Perfect Summer
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Genre: Rock / Pop
Release Date:
October 2003

General Info:
Recorded in Comeg's impressive home studio, this album is a perfect example of the kind of professionalism & quality that can be achieved by independent artists. The complete album can be downloaded for free from the band's website!

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1.The River
2. Stay With Me
3. Sunny Weather
4. Fresh Cut Grass
5. Mr Clean
6. Perfect Summer

7. Junky
8. Jim Was Beautiful

9. Wingless Bird
10. The Railway Bank
11. Altea

Listening to Comeg's album "Perfect Summer" for the first time is like opening a window into a stuffy room - it's a real breathe of fresh air. There's always a plentiful supply of "good" indie music dropping through the SkidMark letterbox but Comeg's CD is one of those occasional "Wow" moments we have during the year when something really special arrives. The album is a wholesome selection of pure unadulterated Brit-pop / rock tracks with flavours reminiscent of many of the finest British acts such as the Beatles and Oasis to name but two. Comeg are currently unsigned artists but once this album has done the rounds, we guarantee they won't be for much longer!

Reviewer: Mark Edwards