Track Title: "KIVA"

Pamela Hammond

Age: Personality wise-14
Starsign: Taurus
Instrument(s) Played: Lead Vocals, guitar, keys, programming
Favourite Instrument ever owned: My lungs
Favourite band: Van Halen (with David Lee Roth)
5 favourite albums/CD's

1) Van Halen 1 - Van Halen

2) The Sex Pistols - Kiss This

3) The Cure - Disintegration
4) Hanoi Rocks - Two Steps From The Move
5) Ministry - Psalm 69
Current "Hot" CD playing on your system: Zappa - Zoot Allures
Favourite Quote: Dirty Harry- I know what you're thinking, "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I've kind of lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum — the most powerful handgun in the world — and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a beer with: (though I do not drink) Clint Eastwood
Favourite food: Pasta
Favourite Drink: Water
Favourite sport: Watching Hockey

Favourite Place: Bedroom

Favourite Festival: The US Festival

Favourite Venue Played & Why: Club Soda. That was the Vancouver club where you would spot famous musicians that were in town recording. Aerosmith, David Lee Roth, Motley Crue, Ozzy Ozbourne, Scorpions etc. It had a great atmosphere and always packed.

Favourite TV Show: Rockford Files
Favourite Movie / Film: Dirty Harry
Favourite Book(s): Hell’s Witness by Daniel Sanger
Favourite Website(s) :
Favourite Vehicle Owned: Lincoln Navigator
Favourite Animal : Dog
Best Job Ever Had: Voice Over Actor
Worst / Most Embarrassing Job Ever Had: Tradeshow Model
Hobbies: Weight Training, martial arts, prank calling, swimming, hiking
Likes: Animals, vegetarianism, romance, sarcastic humor, coffee, chocolate
Dislikes: Rude people, drugs, negativity, disorder, poor hygiene

Jeff Rabjohn

Age: I’ve seen many moons!
Starsign: Scorpio
Instrument(s) Played: Guitar, bass, some keys
Favourite Instrument ever owned: ’71 jazz bass
Favourite band: The Cult
5 favourite albums/CD's

1) Sex Pistols - Never mind the Bollocks…

2) Janes Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual

3) Sisters of Mercy - Vision Thing
4) Iggy Pop - The Idiot
5) Alice Cooper-Killer
Current "Hot" CD playing on your system: Killing Joke-xxv Gathering
Favourite Quote: P.T. Barnum “There’s a sucker born every minute”
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a beer with: John Lydon
Favourite food: Japanese
Favourite Drink: Water
Favourite sport: Rollerball

Favourite Place: West Coast

Favourite Festival: Lollapalooza

Favourite Venue Played & Why: “Town Pump” in Vancouver. Incredible vibe / feel, a classic venue, now closed.

Favourite TV Show: DaVinci’s Inquest
Favourite Movie / Film: Three Days of the Condor
Favourite Book(s): Hell’s Angels-Hunter S. Thompson
Favourite Website(s) :
Favourite Vehicle Owned: ’78 Mustang II
Best Job Ever Had: Selling NEW toilets
Worst / Most Embarrassing Job Ever Had: Cleaning USED toilets
Hobbies: Music, reading, gym

Likes: Anything strange, weird

Dislikes: Difficult personalities, bad service in restaurants

Brandon Scott

Age: 24
Starsign: Gemini
Instrument(s) Played: Guitar
Favourite Instrument ever owned: ESP LTD EC-2005 30th anniversary edition guitar with active 81 and 84 EMG pickups.....SWEET!!!!
Favourite band: Nine Inch Nails and Tool
5 favourite albums/CD's

1) Slayer - Reign in Blood

2) Blind Melon - Soup

3) Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
4) Tool - Aenima
5) Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
Current "Hot" CD playing on your system: N/A
Favourite Quote: "Let's stop praying for someone to save us and start saving ourselves." - Kein Mitleid Fur Die Mehrheit
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a beer with: Maynard James Keenan
Favourite food: Calamari
Favourite Drink: Beer
Favourite sport: Hockey

Favourite Place: Whistler , B.C

Favourite Festival: Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos)

Favourite Venue Played & Why: Heritage Hall because my lady put on the event for my Birthday and their was free booze.... good times.

Favourite TV Show: Trailer Park Boys
Favourite Movie / Film: Requiem for a Dream
Favourite Book(s): A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess
Favourite Website(s) :
Favourite Vehicle Owned: Ferrari Enzo
Best Job Ever Had: Playing in a Band
Worst / Most Embarrassing Job Ever Had: Concrete Forming
Hobbies: Playing guitar, drums, hockey

Likes: Drinking with buddies, hanging out at the beach and smoking weed with friends, watching movies with girlfriend, Sushi, loud music, going to metal concerts, playing video games with bros, tattoos, hair dye

Dislikes: Bad drivers, ignorant people, alleys that smell like piss

David Kanderka

Age: 35
Starsign: Virgo
Instrument(s) Played: Bass Guitar, 5 String Banjo
Favourite Instrument ever owned: Music Man Stingray 5
Favourite band: Stone Temple Pilots
5 favourite albums/CD's

1) Stone Temple Pilots-Purple

2) Nine Inch Nails-Year Zero

3) Led Zeppelin-Early Years
4) Van Halen-5150
5) Hardline-Hardline
Current "Hot" CD playing on your system: Nine Inch Nails-Year Zero
Favourite Quote: "Say hello to my little friend!”
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a beer with: David Lee Roth
Favourite food: Thai Curry
Favourite Drink: Rye Coke
Favourite sport: Soccer

Favourite Place: The Beach

Favourite Festival: Any

Favourite Venue Played & Why: Plaza Club (Vancouver), The place and the crowd was Buzzing, and so was I.

Favourite TV Show: Singing Bee
Favourite Movie / Film: The Crow
Favourite Book(s): “The Dirt” Motley Crue
Favourite Website(s) :
Favourite Vehicle Owned: 92’ Acura Integra coupe
Best Job Ever Had: Owner of my own band rehearsal Studio in Vancouver “Alleycat Music.”
Worst / Most Embarrassing Job Ever Had: Roofing
Hobbies: No time right now

Likes: Sex, alcohol, fast cars, Rock and Roll, Tattoos

Dislikes: Bad drivers

Troy Taillon (pron. Talon; like a bird’s claws, or another way if you are French)

Age: Yes, I’ve aged nicely; but I’m not finished yet.
Starsign: Taurus / year of the Pig (Chinese Zodiac); Yes, I’m a BullPig.
Instrument(s) Played: Drums (in RedCell), guitar, and the obtuse triangle (anyone can play the regular triangle).
Favourite Instrument ever owned: My custom made Canwood drum kit, or my USA Fender Strat, handed down from my Father; or my 300 year-old custom made solid-gold obtuse triangle…tough to choose between them.
Favourite band: Rush
5 favourite albums/CD's

1) Rush – Moving Pictures

2) Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life

3) Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
4) Massive Attack - Mezzanine
5) Crash Test Dummies – Puss ‘n’ Boots
Current "Hot" CD playing on your system: The Very Best of Nana Mouskouri
Favourite Quote: “but I was gonna go to Tashi Station and pick up some power converters!” If you don’t know who said it, you’re lame!
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a beer with: Tiger Woods
Favourite food: Sushi/gyoza, if there’s no pizza available.
Favourite Drink: A very cold pint of ale on a summer day at the 19 hole
Favourite sport: Playing: Golf, watching: Golf

Favourite Place: A golf course (duh)

Favourite Festival: ‘The Masters’. O.K. so it’s not a festival but if I was there it would be, so it counts!

Favourite Venue Played & Why: The Commodore Ballroom (Vancouver). It’s the most famous and well known venue of its size. ‘The’ place to play in Western Canada!

Favourite TV Show: Battlestar Galactica or Family Guy…so different but both are so good!
Favourite Movie / Film: Star Wars (yes, the very first one from ’78)
Favourite Book(s): Canadian Tax Law
Favourite Website(s) : Whatever website that’s connected to this interviewer / reviewer
Favourite Vehicle Owned: My old 6 horse drawn chariot ‘Odin’ model of 1676. (I owned it during one of my past lives). You could really pick up the maidens in this ride!
Best Job Ever Had: Working for the Canadian Government as “Sub-Director of Appropriation – Igloo Division”. I was constantly being harrassed by Eskimo’s and their dogs.
Worst / Most Embarrassing Job Ever Had: Cleaning the bats used during the annual Seal hunt.
Hobbies: Golf, movies, gaming, selling sea shells by the sea shore.

Likes: Hot girls golfing, pars and birdies, concerts, sci-fi movies, fishing and boating, ferrets, and youtube

Dislikes: Non-hot girls golfing, a slow group in front of me on the golf course, bogies, mimes, chick flicks, hunting and hiding, mean ferrets, and facebook

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