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Lynn Ann Witting

Age: 42. Ouch. But I like to think I'm rather well-preserved. I don't have any gray hair yet, and people have expressed shock and disbelief when they learn of my mature status. (But that could also be attributed to my basic immaturity in general.)
Starsign: Leo. My birthday is August 16th. I share this birthdate with famed poet Charles Bukowski as well as Madonna. Also, Elvis Presley died on my 16th birthday.
Instrument(s) Played: Guitar, piano, accordion, harmonica. Have also been told that I can sing quite well.
Favourite Instrument ever owned: My 55-year-old Lester Betsy Ross spinet piano. Also very partial to my Epiphone Les Paul (electric guitar).
Favourite band: I'm gonna stick with the Beatles as an all-time, but really, there are so many.
5 favourite albums/CD's I want to mention that me and my husband / bassist Chris possess an incredibly huge album / CD collection (easily in the thousands) that grows almost weekly. It's impossible to narrow down this category, but I'll mention albums that I most recently enjoyed in particular.

1) The Beatles - Anything. Right now, HELP

2) Billie Holiday - Anything, period. She consistently kills me.

3) Gillian Welch (and Dave Rawlings) - Revival
4) Grateful Dead - Europe, ‘72
5) Matthew Sweet - Anything. But today, SON OF THE BEAST
Favourite Quote: “Please don’t quote me here.”
Favourite celeb you'd like share a smoke and a brew with: Bob Dylan.
Favourite food: It’s still lobster
Favourite Drink: I do love a cold glass of water. Alcohol-wise, it’s a tie between a good Cabernet Sauvignon and an Absolut vodka martini, straight-up with 3 olives.
Favourite sport: Um. Huh? Changing my guitar strings.

Favourite Place: Our little cozy cabin on top of a mountain in the Catskills.

Favourite TV Show: Seinfeld
Favourite Book(s): Remember what I said about our album collection? The same could be said about our book collection. Most recently, I thoroughly enjoyed the Bob Dylan autobiography CHRONICALS, Vol. 1, as well as the Neil Young biography, SHAKEY. I also re-read BELOVED by Toni Morrison for the third time. But there are so many books I love. (Remember, kids - fine literature rocks!)
Favourite Website(s) : Skidmark! Of course! Bumpskey is swell. A real gas of a website is MODERN DRUNKARD MAGAZINE. ( Definitely check that out if you have the chance – it is wacked. Plus, I love using to search for cool images to use for Gate 18 gig posters. (I have found some doozies while searching under “hoe-down” and “rockin’!”)
Favourite Vehicle Owned: I adore our current car, a 2000 Hyundai Elantra wagon. It’s a mini-tank. It will not be destroyed. (Back in 1996, my rust-eaten, blue ‘69 Chevy Van was bitchin’, but the fumes were destroying all of our brain cells and then the gas tank exploded. But I sure was one tuff mama toolin’ around in that old thing, may it rest in pieces.)
Best Job Ever Had: Collecting unemployment for 6 months back in 1996, and playing tons of gigs back to back as a result. Wow, that was fun. Every week that check would roll in, just like magic! I wrote songs all day long. On the dole – bloody capital!
Worst Job Ever Had: Driving a school bus for a day-care center that was run by people who were completely insane and had no business being near ANY children for ANY length of time, EVER.
Hobbies: Having sex. Hiking in the woods with my dog. Hugging my cats. (The 3 H’s!) Also - Caring for and rescuing other animals who are less fortunate than my own. Creating gourmet seafood or vegetarian meals. Watching horrendous movies that boast really, really, REALLY bad writing and acting. And of course: Music, Music, MUSIC.
Dislikes: Any kind of cruelty. Jealousy is bad. Dishonesty sucks. Negativity. Controlling, anal behavior.

Key Favourites : Love! My sexy husband. Family. Animals. Love! Creating and listening to excellent music! Nature. Joy! Meeting cool people to hang out with~! Love! .

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