Blue Number Nine
This month's Featured Artists, Blue Number Nine, are a very special band to us here at SkidMark Multimedia. Not only did they honour us by becoming the first musicians to be listed on the website but they also opened our eyes (and ears!) to their unmistakable soul-soothing funky, rock sound. If you've never heard this eclectic collection of multi-influenced musicians before then, you are missing out!! No indie collection is complete without a copy of their definitive self titled album so, once you've checked out their stats go on over to the competition page and enter this month's competition to win one of two copies we're giving away. Failing that, support independent music and treat yourself by visiting their merchandise page and buying yourself a copy! Highly recommended by SkidMark!

Stefanie Seskin

Age: 32
Starsign: Pisces
Instrument: Flute, vocals, songwriter
Favourite band: I like good songs!
5 favourite albums/CD's
1) SLY & THE FAMILY STONE - Greatest Hits
2) THE POLICE - Reggatta De Blanc
3) THE CLASH - London Calling
4) STING - 10 Summoner's Tales
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a jacuzzi with: Can't answer or I'll be in trouble!
Favourite food: Italian
Favourite Drink: Red wine
Favourite sport: Soccer, or football as you all call it in Europe!
Favourite Place: Culebra or anywhere in the Carribean
Favourite TV Show: The Sopranos, but I don't have cable
Hobbies: Gardening (believe it or not!), reading, weight lifting, politics, cooking
Dislikes: People who lie, people who are unreliable, war, hatred, prejudice, corporate rip offs, political bullshit, bullshit in general caused by humans, mushrooms, especially the big fat juicy kind

. . ..
Camari Frame

Age: 27
Starsign: Pisces
Instrument: Vocals
Favourite band: Blue Number Nine
5 favourite albums/CD's
1) Blue Number Nine
2) Band of Gypsies
3) Red Hot on Verve
4) Incognito
5) Traveling Without Moving
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a jacuzzi with: Jimmy Hendrix (yeah, I know he’s dead…still my favorite!)
Favourite food: Pasta
Favourite Drink: Merlot
Favourite sport: Rugby
Favourite Place: The Fez
Favourite TV Show: The Bernie Mac Show
Hobbies: Yoga, singing, reading, volleyball
Dislikes: Over-talkative people, messiness, white wine, confrontation

Sheila Connors

Age: Somewhere between 13 and 92
Starsign: Capricorn
Instrument: Vocals
Favourite band: So many! Well of course Blue Number Nine!, Indigo Girls, Fleetwood Mac, Bim SkalaBim, Heart, Muddy Waters, Jewel, Barenaked Ladies, Bonnie Raitt, BB King, PeteYorn, CSNY, Patti LaBelle, JamesTaylor, Melissa Etheridge, Billie Holiday, Diane Schuur, Bob Dylan, Buckwheat Zydeco, Pete Townsend, and of course—Janis!!! (Just to name a few)
5 favourite albums/CD's Again tooooo tough! And this is in no particular order
1) All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (Pete Townsend)
2) Nomads, Indians and Saints (Indigo Girls)
3) Wild Heart (Stevie Nicks)
4) How’s It Goin’? (Bim Skala Bim)
5) Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire (Buckwheat Zydeco)
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a jacuzzi with: Ethan Hawke, Jim Morrison or Lindsey Buckingham
Favourite food: Tacos
Favourite Drink:H2O
Favourite sport: To watch: ice hockey, to play: volleyball or softball - are billiards and pingpong considered sports? If so they are top on the list to play!
Favourite Place: HOME!!! Woodcrest Drive, Buffalo, New York
Favourite TV Show: Friends and Third Watch
Hobbies: Teaching myself acoustic guitar, cycling, crosstitching (or any crafts - yeah I know that sounds goofy and all “Susie homemaker”, oh well, I’m being honest), learning sign language, martial arts (Isshin Ryu)
Dislikes: Cooked spinach and brussel sprouts! People who try to push their views on others, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, people that don’t have a sense of humor, and poor grammar.

Minoru Kikuchi
Age:Younger than my parents, older than my cousin
Starsign: Taurus
Instrument: Guitar
Favourite band: U2, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin
5 favourite albums/CD's
1) STEELY DAN - Gaucho
2) Led ZeppelinI - Led Zeppelin II
3) JEFF BECK - Blow by Blow
4) STING - All this Time
5) STEVIE RAY VAUGHN - Couldn't Stand The Weather
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a jacuzzi with: Nicole Kidman
Favourite food: Banana
Favourite Drink:Tropicana Orange Peach Mango Juice
Favourite sport: Skiing, basketball
Favourite Place: San Francisco; Yosemite National Park
Favourite TV Show: Conan O'Brian
Hobbies: Sports, reading, science, history
Dislikes: Criticism without recognition; ignorance

Marco Accattatis

Starsign: Scorpio
Instrument: Bass, vocals
Favourite band: Miles Davis
5 favourite albums/CD's
1) MILES DAVIS - We Want Miles
2) KENNY WHEELER - Songs for Large & Small ensembles
3) STING - 10 Summoner's Tales
4) STRAUSS - An Alpine Symphony
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a jacuzzi with: The Cookie Monster
Favourite food: Lasagna
Favourite Drink:Red wine
Favourite sport: Scuba Diving
Favourite Place: Rome
Favourite TV Show: Bill Moyers NOW
Hobbies: Travel, movies, cooking
Dislikes: Violence
. . . .
Jack Gourdine

Age:I forget
Starsign: Cancer
Instrument: Drums
Favourite band: Don't have one
5 favourite albums/CD's
1) HENDRIX - Axis..Bold as Love
2) BEATLES - Sgt. Pepper
3) JEFF BECK - Blow by Blow
4) BILLY COBHAM - Stratosphere
5) SANTANA - their 1st album
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a jacuzzi with: Heather Locklear
Favourite food: Japanese / Thai / Indian
Favourite Drink:Hawaiian Itch
Favourite sport: Golf
Favourite Place: Hawaii
Favourite TV Show: Don't have one
Hobbies: Guitar, bass, keyboards, reading
Dislikes: Loud, obnoxious and/or arrogant people
Joel Hirsch

Starsign: Capricorn
Instrument: Percussion
Favourite band: Radiohead / eels
5 favourite albums/CD's
1) Frank's Wild Years - Tom Waits
2) Hounds of Love / The Dreaming - Kate Bush
3) Revolver
4) Kid A/Amnesiac - Radiohead
5) daisies of the galaxy - eels
6) Gentle Giant from '70 - '76
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a jacuzzi with: Cher, so I could check out all her scars. Stupid answer to a stupid question
Favourite food: How can anyone kill themself when there are so many good things to eat?
Favourite Drink:Jameson's
Favourite sport: Tonsil hockey
Favourite Place: NYC
Favourite TV Show: West Wing
Hobbies: Music
Dislikes: Ignorant or conservative people

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