Spit Babies
Track Title: "PLAYGROUND"


Age: Old enough to know better ;)
Starsign: Leo
Instrument(s) Played: Guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, digital drums
Favourite Instrument ever owned: 1976 Ibanez bass (Rickenbacher copy)
Favourite band: Oh wow, tough one…..I'd have to say White Stripes
5 favourite albums/CD's

1) White Stripes - Elephant

2) Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses

3) Breeders - Pod
4) Concrete Blonde – Still in Hollywood
5) Violent Femmes – Violent Femmes
Current "Hot" CD playing on your system: White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan
Favourite Quote: “It ain’t gonna lick itself!”
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a beer with: Jorja Fox (of CSI - we were very good friends ages ago…it would be great to talk to her in person again)
Favourite food: Eggplant parmesan
Favourite Drink: Beer – you buyin’?
Favourite sport: American football

Favourite Place: Earth, it’s all good if we stop screwing it up

Favourite Festival: Summerfest in Milwaukee

Favourite Venue Played & Why: Stop the Violence Festival – great cause, awesome crowd

Favourite TV Show: After they took Beavis and Butthead off the air, I gave up
Favourite Movie / Film: The Hunger
Favourite Book(s): Any Dr. Seuss
Favourite Website(s) : www.spitbabies.com
Favourite Vehicle Owned: 1985 Honda 750 Shadow (black and chrome baby!)
Best Job Ever Had: Park Ranger
Worst / Most Embarrassing Job Ever Had: Had to hitchhike to a bank cleaning job 3rd shift, aagh! (Should have robbed it when I had the chance…)
Hobbies: No time for hobbies
Likes: Animals and nature, things that make me laugh, open-mindedness, the ocean, travel, sports, motorcycles, concerts, beer, camping, massages, good sex, good music, honesty, cooking
Dislikes: Cell phone drivers (you probably don’t know who you are!), religion, untreated bipolar disorder, misogyny, liars, coconut (bleh!), bad music

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