Track Title: "The Sound of Fear"

Coemgen Savage

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Starsign: Cancer
Instrument(s) Played: Vocals / Guitar etc etc
Favourite Instrument ever owned: Rickenbacker 4001 bass
Favourite band: Beatles / Primal Scream / Crowded House / Garbage, etc
5 favourite albums/CD's

1) Beatles - Revolver

2) Garbage - Garbage 2

3) U2 - Achtung Baby
4) Lou Reed - Transformer
5) Crowded House - Together Alone
Current "Hot" CD playing on your system: Beatles Blue Album - 67 - 70
Favourite Quote: The best form of defence is attack
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a beer with: John Lennon
5 words that best describe your personality: Cynical, positive, confusing and Bipolar
Favourite food: Blowfish
Favourite Drink: Kool-Aid
Favourite sport: Cock Fighting

Favourite Place: Here

Favourite Festival: I Hate them

Favourite Venue Played & Why: The next one because I haven't done it yet.

Favourite TV Show: Spongebob Squarepants
Favourite Movie / Film: Bubba Ho Tep
Favourite Book(s): Steve Alten Books
Favourite Website(s) :
Favourite Vehicle Owned: Rover 75
Best Job Ever Had: Hate them all
Worst / Most Embarrassing Job Ever Had: See above
Hobbies: Xbox, Music, anything that doesn’t involve me having to leave the house.
Likes: Xbox, Music, anything that doesn’t involve me having to leave the house.
Dislikes: Far too many to mention and many of them too litigious

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