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Lynn Ann Witting
Chris Witting
Guitar, Backing Vocals

Queens, New York
United States of America

Those Beatle Boys, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Billie Holiday, Aerosmith, Stevie Wonder, Grateful Dead & many, many, more..
Rock, Blues, Punk, Jazz, Swing, Rock-a-billy, Classical, EVERYTHING WONDERFUL & GRAND!!

Hiya - Lynn Ann here. I'm the front-woman/singer/songwriter of Gate 18, born and still residing in Queens, New York. I formed Gate 18 in 1994 - after many years playing in various cover projects. The band is named after an alarming acid trip I had at a Grateful Dead show at the Meadowlands Arena. My seat was in Gate 18. So there you have it.

My music consists of an extensive collection of original material encompassing Rock, Jazz, Swing, Blues, Celtic-Folk, Classical, Punk, Funk, Rap, Rockabilly and everything in between. My work has been featured on several compilation CD projects since 1995. Several songs from my "Live at CBGB's recording have been featured on "Planet X", a California-based 'MTV-type-extreme-sports-program'. In 1998 I released my first 9-song CD - "Gate 18" - 3 albums later I am currently preparing to do a totally stripped-down "solo" record. I was led to this decision based upon a film production company in Los Angeles, California who have expressed interest in using one of my songs in a feature film. (The song is called THE VERY BEST THING, off my WORLD GONE BLUE CD.)


Lynn’s Words: To continue to making wonderful music forever, and perhaps to one day even make some actual money doing so, so that I may buy a big house in the country complete with my own recording studio & exotic animal shelter “round back”

The music of Gate 18 has been featured on the following radio stations: KNON - TX; WCRN - NJ; WCPR - NJ; WLBJ - TX; WSVA - NY; WRCM - NY; WERS - MA; KDGE - TX; WEOS - NY; WPUB - NY; WCOW - NY; WUNH - NH; WNHU - CT; WOBM - NJ; WSIA - NY; KCBX - CA; WARY - NY; WMCR - NY; WRHO - NY; WUSM - MS; WFUV - NY.

We've also conducted live, on-air radio interview/performances at Pace University in NYC, at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and a feature performance on special interview show.


Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
Off My Rocker CD 8 1993
Live at CBGB's - New York City CD 5 1995
Gate 18 (Self Titled) CD 9 1998
Shouldn't Happen To A Dog CD 14 1999
World Gone Blue CD 8 2002
Smooth Six Pack CD 6 2003
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