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Ali Handal Funky Alternative Rock Solo Artist
Alcian Blue Shoegazer Band
Blue Number Nine Funky Soulful Rock Band
Catherine Duc Blended elements of ambient, electronic, Celtic and world music Solo Artist
Claire Moss Alternative Emo Punk Rock Solo Artist
Comeg Rock / Pop Band
Death Becomes You "Grave Wave" Horror Punk Band
Dana Shellmire Power Pop / Rock Solo Artist
Dennis McClung Blues Band Blues Band
Dave Haywood Groove Music Solo Artist
Desolation Angels Female fronted Punk / Folk / Grunge Alchemy Band
Ector Pop Solo Artist
Enerchy Heavy Rock Band
Eric Indie Rock Band
Farpoint Progressive / Art Rock Band
Finespun Funky Alternative Rock Band
Fitswitch Metal / Punk Band
Fractional Rock / Emo-Core Band
Frozen Rain Rock Collaboration
Glen Strachan Folk Pop Alternative Punk Solo Artist
Hock Lo-Fi Alternative Rock Band
Incubus Lovechild Space Rock / Trance / Electronica Solo Artist
Indifference Alternative Rock Pop Band
J.C. Mathews Rock Solo Artist
Johhny Danger Rock / Pop Solo Artist
John Sheehan Fingerstyle-Guitar, Folk Rock Solo Artist
John Taglieri Melodic Rock Solo Artist
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Kenton Hall Eclectic, lyrical, genre-hopping alternative songs Solo Artist
Kirk McFee Alternative Rock with a Progressive Flair Solo Artist
Lynn Ann & Gate 18 Pop / Guitar Rock / Folk Rock Band
Matt Wilson Acid / IDM / classical / Dubstep / Drill n Bass / Electronica / Fun Solo Artist
Oswald Rock Band
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Panophonic Electronic Dream-Pop with a splash of Pop Solo Artist
Priscilla Hernández From Ethereal goth and dark symphonic to celtic and folk pop Solo Artist
Rake Rock Band
RedCell Heavy Alternative, Industrial Edge Band
Rise Alternative Folk, Folk Rock, Celtic, Rock Band
Rose Reiter Pop / AC / Rock Solo Artist
Saturna Fuzzy, dirty, driving, psychedelic bliss pop Band
Spacial Entrepreneurs Alternative Rock with a Psychedelic Twist Band
Spit Babies Lo-fi alt-rock full of lust, anger, sarcasm, and humor Band
Stellarscope Ethereal Post Rock with a Shoegaze influence Band
TAG Alternative Rock Band
The High Violets Comet Rock Band
The Jazz Thieves Indie / Rock Band
The Joe Ferraro Band Blues Band
The Swinging Laurels Electro Pop Band
The Trade Alternative, Dark Groove Rock Band
The Veins Indie Band
Tom Kerswill Acoustic, Folk Solo Artist
Top Johnny! Rock / Dance / Metal / Pop with techno Band
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Uncle Binley's Room Psychedelic Alternative Rock Band
Under The Sun Progressive Rock Band
Vitriol I.D. Rock Band
Yellowbelly Country-tinged Pop Band
Ze Bond Rocks Hard Rock Band
Zero To Ninety Heavy Melodic Groove Metal Band
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