Artist: Ali Handal Album: Dirty Little Secret
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Genre: Rock
Release Date:
February 1st 2000

General Info:
Ali's first full length album is an instant classic - since it's release tracks have been licenced for both film & television use (For example Film: Dancing at the Blue Iguana, TV: Sex in the city, Dawson's Creek).

Track Listing (Audio stream / MP3 available for highlighted tracks)

1. Slave To Ambition
2. Convince Me
3. While Your Here
4. In Your Name
5. Distance
6. Interlude

7. Indy
8. Tie Me Up

9.What Are You Waiting For?
10. Arms Of A Stranger
11. Dirty Little Secret

If you're not familiar with the name Ali Handal, then you've obviously no idea what you've been missing out on! Ali has all the things many mainstream artists fail to supply - the voice, the looks, the songs & the guitars! Her debut album "Dirty Little Secret" puts plenty of seasoned "rock giants" to shame as on the first play you are HOOKED and it ROCKS from start to finish - there're not many albums where each successive track is as good as the first, yet D.L.S. delivers throughout. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Reviewer: Mark Edwards