Gate 18
This month's Featured Artists, Gate 18, ROCK! It's not an original description, it's not a creative description - it's just an accurate description! If you're a regular on the NYC indie circuit then you'll agree Gate 18 are probably one of the most energetic, experienced and talented outfits going. With a repatoire ranging from acoustic ballads to powerful bluesy, folk rock a Gate 18 gig is guaranteed to get any audience's feet jumpin'!

Lynn Ann Witting

Age: 39
Starsign: Leo
Instrument: Singer/songwriter, Lead Vocalist, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Piano, Harmonica, Accordion
Favourite band: The Beatles
5 favourite albums/CD's
1) Can # 1 just be like, every single Beatle album?
2) Neil Young – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
3) It’s a Toss-up: Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend & Oasis - What’s The Story, Morning Glory?
4) Leonard Cohen – 10 New Songs
5) Every single album by Billie Holiday
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a jacuzzi with: Lassie
Favourite food: Lobster
Favourite Drink: One half hard cider, one half Guinness Stout. I think you call it a Black Velvet, Skidder, but I’ve been calling it a “Smoothie”. ( Also an “Ass-kicker”. Hahah.)
Favourite sport: Beer juggling.
Favourite Place: This old cabin in the mountains, upstate New York – about 3 hours away from our apartment in Queens. It has no electricity or running water, but there’s a great fireplace and front porch and it’s really quiet. Chris and I hang out, party and jam on our acoustic guitars all night long. On a clear night there are a zillion great, big stars just crowding each other up in the sky. It’s incredibly romantic and it’s the best place to write new material.
Favourite TV Show: Seinfeld
Hobbies: Arguing with my whole family at the dinner table about utter nonsense, walking my dog Ellie Jane in the woods, camping, gourmet cooking, booking gigs (har har har) and having sex with my husband. But not necessarily in that order
Dislikes: Anybody who would abuse or mistreat an animal. Jack-ass, passive-aggressive bosses like the ones I’ve had at every day-job I’ve ever had. Day-jobs (as in “secretarial", in my particular case). Spoiled, snotty, trust-fund kids who think they’re real musicians that play in the same clubs as us and who totally suck. War. Pain. Death.
Misc. Favourites: Puppies, ponies and potbelly pigs, writing new songs, singing and playing my heart out. Successfully getting over a hangover. My band, especially my darling husband and bassist, Chris. My wacky brothers, Alan and Dennis and my parents. My best pals Weezah, Nikki and Hiram. Laughing, flowers and trees, all things natural, not wearing a bra, my old piano and all of my guitars, snuggling my dog Ellie Jane and my cats Fweh & Igor, JOE’s ITALIAN RESTAURANT in Queens and the cold red wine they serve there. Sunny days, rainy days. Beautiful paintings, beautiful music and TRULY beautiful people, like Charles Bukowski, who has the same birthday as me. (Madonna has the same birthday as me, too, but she’s older than me and she’s not one of my favorites.) My deceased dog, Girlie, who was the best and truest friend I ever had.
. .
Chris Witting

Age: 43
Starsign: Capricorn
Instrument: Bass guitar
Favourite band: Duke Ellington Big Band, Matthew Sweet Big Rock Band
5 favourite albums/CD's
1) Bob Dylan & The Band - Planet Waves
2) Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Get Happy
3) Beatles Live In Hamburg (with Ringo just sitting in for the first time)
4) The Ramones – It’s Alive
5) Grateful Dead – Europe ‘72
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a jacuzzi with: Anton Parlovich Chekhov, Snoop Dogg, Stanley Kubrick, Oprah, Mae West
Favourite food: Salt cucumber, Lobster
Favourite Drink: Concord Grape Juice, Spring Water, Guinness Stout
Favourite sport: Basketball
Favourite Place: The Bottom Line Rock Club in NYC, My bed
Favourite TV Show: King of the Hill, Twin Peaks, Ab Fab, Faulty Towers
Hobbies: Reading classic modern novels and short fiction, crayon and oil painting, camping, playing music, collecting records, fad dieting.
Dislikes: Military industrial complex, litter, liver, prison industrial complex, de-forestation, inequality, manifest destiny, Puritanism, work ethic, clones, car alarms.
Misc. Favourites: Chris Spedding, John Steinbeck, Live Cream, Billy Holiday, Flannery O’Conner, Charlie Parker, Soy Burgers, My Wife, Bio Diversity, William S. Burroughs, David Lynch, Doris Lessing, Charles Bukowski, Crop Circles, My Pets, Seafood Mama, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Matthew Sweet Live, William Faulkner, Toni Morrisonpage
Tim Gauhan
Age: 32
Starsign: Aquarius
Instrument: Guitar
Favourite band: None
5 favourite albums/CD's
1) Bill Frisell - "Blues Dream"
2) Marc Ribot - "Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos"
3) Tom Waits - "Rain Dogs"
4) Cannonball Adderley - "Somethin' Else"
5) Emmylou Harris - "Wrecking Ball"
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a jacuzzi with: Couldn't a celebrity afford his/her own jacuzzi?
Favourite food: All meat, especially bacon
Favourite Drink:Bourbon
Favourite sport: Baseball
Favourite Place: Hana, Hawaii
Favourite TV Show: "The Sopranos"
Hobbies: Doing laundry, riding the subway, smoking cigarettes. I have no time for real hobbies.
Dislikes: Too many to list.
Joseph Aslaender
Age: 42
Starsign: Aquarius
Instrument: Drums
Favourite band: The Beatles
5 favourite albums/CD's
1) MILES SMILES- Miles Davis Quartet
2) WHITE ALBUM - The Beatles
4) OH YEAH - Charles Mingus
Favourite celeb you'd like to share a jacuzzi with: TAIS ARAUJO Brazilian Telenovela Actress
Favourite food: Indian
Favourite Drink:Beer
Favourite sport: Baseball
Favourite Place: Anyplace that's not crawling with people
Favourite TV Show: Mr. Omar and Dr. Love - Public Access show in Queens, N.Y.
Hobbies: Photography, Graphic Arts
Dislikes: Self-righteous people.
Special Guest Appearances - Lynn's Mom

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