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Kevin Melvin
Vocals, Guitar
Anthony Sheffield
Lead Guitar
Ches Misso
Bass Guitar
Trey Davis Drums

Panama City Beach, Florida
United States of America

Too many to list.
You Listen, You Decide

An eccentric singer, 6-string bassist, 9-fingered guitarist, an unbelievable drummer.....What else could you want? 3 of us have been together about 8 years, the drummer joined us 3 years ago. We were known as Mudfist on, and got 5 songs under 1200 out of 30,000. One song made it to 74 in ranking and another to 142. We changed the name because everybody is using "Mud" in their name now...and besides everybody has something they hate, right?

We want a bunch of little discs out their immortalizing us, even on a small scale. Of course we want to be playing huge venues on MTV, but who doesn't?

It doesn't matter if 2 people or 200,000 people are at a show, we play the whole act and give 110%.

We released a 5-song demo back in about '92 as "Bedlam's Calling", the album was "For the musically insane". Then we got over the 80's sound and released a 7-song EP as "Mudfist" titled, "Get Bent Boy!" which received quite a lot of local airplay, and we missed opening for Coal Chamber because of a drunkin ex-drummer. Our latest release as "Made of Hate" is "Articulated Aggression", it is by far our best work and many more are about to be recorded. Airplay and offers are beginning to roll in. We have recently been allowed to submit it to Universal Records.


Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
For the Musically Insane (recorded under the name Bedlam's Calling) CD 5 1992
Get Bent Boy! (Recorded under the name Mud Fist) CD 7 N/A
Articulated Aggression (Recorded under the name Made of Hate) CD 6 2002
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