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Gaz Birtles
Vocals / Sax
David 'Wal' Walton
Vocals, Guitar
James Lynch
Bass, Keyboards
Mark 'Flash' Haynes

Leicester, England
United Kingdom

Too many to list...
Patsy Cline to Hank Williams and back

Yellowbelly were formed in Leicester, 1993 by songwriters Gaz Birtles (vocals, sax) and Dave 'Wal' Walton (guitar, backing vocals). The original concept of the band was to write and perform music that contained elements of Country music, but with a Pop slant!

Bass player and keyboardist James Lynch soon joined the band and his pop sensibility and falsetto harmonies matched Gaz and Wal's vocal range perfectly.

Over the years various members have come and gone and for a majority of their existence they relied on self made backing tracks to provide drums and key pads. Now they have gone back to their roots and enlisted the talents of fellow Leicester drummer, Mark 'Flash' Haynes (on loan from indie darlings, ist).

They are currently performing their music using acoustic guitar, string pads, bass, brush snare and 3 part harmonies but make an epic sound. Their songs are not meant to be background music! They have a reputation as a great live band where on any given night their audience could be amused or abused! But always with a tongue set firmly in cheek.

Great songs, great harmonies, great band!

A shame you've not heard them!

To make it more fun than hard work.

Gaz Birtles has been a member of The Beautiful South for 16 years, before that he spent many years touring and recording with The Swinging Laurels.

Flash is also a member of 'ist'.

Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
Pop Goes Country CD N/A 2000
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