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Vocals, All Instruments
All Other Instruments

Chicago, Illinois
United States of America

Ween, Beatles, Skinny Puppy, Prince
Ween, Beatles, Skinny Puppy, Prince

We were crossing a milky cloud and heading out to sea, when the cream set upon us like an overflowing jello factory. We now serve the cream over-easy on the rocks with some salt and lemon.

The distinctive psychedelic sound of Uncle Binley’s Room can almost be desribed as Dark Funk. The band use many novel and weird effects to give their characteristic sound - Many instruments are used in sometimes unconventional ways! Examples of this are Wah bass, distorted keyboards, twisted guitar effects and overdriven harmonicas.

Working in a petri dish in a dark sub-basement laboratory, Dawgboy and Jum conducted the Military Man examinations in mid 1998. The environmental hazard triggered by the resulting chemical spill created quite an outburst. The ensuing chaos from toxin inebriated locals forced the helpless team to release their secret portfolio. La Crema De La Muerte Dawgboy and Jum do most of their dirty work in a humble crawlspace called "The Clubhouse", residing in the stark zone inside the Chicago city limits. Some folks call them the "saviors of our era", others shout "Serpent Slop" as they walk by. (we don't really know why).


To bang the yang and give birth to a three headed mongoose!

Not Available

Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
Sippin' From The Test Tube CD 1998 12
La Crema De La Muerte CD 2000 16
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