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Tommy Lugo
Guitars, Vocals, Programming
Pete Ohlert
Bob Forman
Drums, Percussion

United States of America

Pink Floyd, My Bloody Valentine, Lake Trout, Yes, Smashing Pumpkins, Jimi Hendrix, Bauhaus, Joy division, The Cure, Radiohead...
Joy division, Bauhaus, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine, Soda Stereo, Pink Floyd, Mogwai, Yes, The Who, Led Zepplin...

Formed in the spring of 1995 by vocalist/ guitarist Tommy Lugo, joined by drummer Bob Foreman in 1996,& by bass-player Peter Ohlert in 2004 Stellarscope have the rare ability to combine quality space-pop and lavish surreally (and, yes, even white noise) to achieve an ecclesiastic-orgiastic frenzy.

Influenced by such bands from the 60s to the latest underground acts worldwide, they have an innate ability to create textured sound-scapes that border on the psychedelic. Unlike most bands of the genre, Stellarscope relies heavily on straight ahead vocal conviction, giving the songs a sense of grounded-ness when the chaos of sounds ensues.

They have been playing the East Coast of the US & Canada on a regular basis for many years now, honing they're live, bliss-out sounds, and has released several full length albums, as well as many EPs. They have also contributed to several worldwide compilations and tribute albums. They are also known for their work in the scene. They have organized successful tours, shows, festivals including the Popnoise Festival & events through out the northeast region of the US for several years now. Creating a large network of bands, friends, & fans that work together to move the scene forward. They are also a fully self-contained band owing their own studio & video production company named Patetico Productions and an independent record label Patetico Recordings.

In 2006 they are to release the long waited Reverberations CD on the Puertorican Indie label NoiseX Records; as well as their newest production Living Under the Radar, which takes them into a different direction than their previous efforts and has even received an Honorable Mention for Songwriting & the chance of commercial success from the Billboard. They will be touring in Puerto Rico in the spring, and the 3rd annual Popnoise Festival in September.


We want to be adored… seriously… LoL. We want to be heard by a broader audience and continue to grow our fan base. Tour the UK, Europe, Australia & Japan. Make the millions…hahaha

…Come and drown in a sea of lush noise.

Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
Fingerpaint the Colour of Sound CD 13 2004
Wasted Time EP CD 5 2004-5
Reverberations CD 10 2005-6
Living Under The Radar CD 12 2006
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