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Rose Reiter
BGs, piano, some acoustic guitar 
Gerry Plant
There were various musicians who played on the first album, including: Murray Atkinson (Guitar), Chin (Bass), Karl Willems (Bass and Guitar), Heather Darts (Keyboards), Brett Boivin (drums), Barry Meldrum (Drums), Kelly Frey (programmed drums), Paul Dunphy (Percussion)

Vancouver & Nanaimo, BC

Peter Gabriel, Seal, Floyd, Paula Cole - so many out there that I love dearly
Peter Gabriel, Seal, Floyd, Paula Cole, Sade, Amos, and so many others - everything from classical to hard hard rock/techno......

Independently released first album, "What I don't get", receiving acclaim on the Canadian West Coast and the Eastern United States Coast independent music scene. An accomplished musician, with a three-octave vocal range. She specializes in writing pop music, with a fresh range of styles - from "smooth and sexy", to " natural acoustic", to "get your butt off the couch and move!". Her song "Silence" from "What I don't Get" was featured in Printshopp, an American film directed by Rodney Beckwith and musically supervised by Erik Gloege. (Also featured artists Tom Peterson (Cheap Trick) and Sass Jordan.) She has travelled throughout Japan, through Spain, the East Coast USA, and Canada, performing in smaller venues and for international festivals. She remains an independent artist, and owns her record label, Lion Records. She is currently working on an enhanced CD for release 2004.

Sexy and Smart! She is also a qualified computer geek - and even has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of British Columbia - and was Valedictorian of her graduating class (high school)! Born and raised in Vancouver, and currently resides in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Songwriter, singer, pianist and guitarist. She began piano and dance at the age of 3. She began working in studios as a backup singer for various acts as a young teenager. She has studied 12 years as a dancer - Ballet, Jazz, Spanish and Modern, and still loves to dance! She has also studied theatre and performance for many years. She is focusing on the United States, with a keen eye to New York, a place she has always loved coming back to. She and her writing partner, G.Plant, have recently finished two soundtracks for Canadian films released summer of 2002.

Her many personal loves include: hiking, cross-training, yoga, reading, swimming, cooking, chess, and working with all animals. She also supports children's charities.


I want to have the whole world hear my music and still remain independent as an artist. Yes, it sounds ambitious - but it is possible nowadays. I am focusing on Europe, Canada and the US next year - and plan to tour Europe by 2005.

I love to live. I live to write music and perform it. It is in my blood. I have no choice but to follow this path. Sounds quirky - perhaps - but it is me. Enjoy!

Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
What I don't Get CD 13 1999
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