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Debbie Dawson
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Gerry Geoghegan
Guitars, Vocals, Sax, multi instrumentalist
Elaine McCombe
Bass Guitar, Multi instrumentalist, Vocals
Kris Manvell
Drums, Percussion, Keyboards

Rothesay, Isle Of Bute, Argyle, Scotland
United Kingdom

David Bowie, Jackson Browne, U2, Marvin Gaye, Blue Nile, Joni Mitchell, Prince, Radiohead, Allman Brothers, Neil Young, Pink Floyd
Blue Nile, CSN&Y, David Bowie, Jackson Browne, U2, Radiohead, Battlefieldband, Led Zeppelin, Planxty, Marvin Gaye,Tannerhill Weavers, Prince, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Grandaddy, Neil Young, Allman Brothers band, Return to Forever, Weather Report, etc

One reason we do not say too much or put out bios and talk ourselves up is that we really feel that it should be about the music. Who and what we are is not important. The music is. Music and lyrics mean different things to different people. Everyone responds to music differently. It is a very personal thing. Since we were asked for our thoughts on our songs, here goes. Your own take on the songs is as valid as anyone else's. All we can say is this is what the music means to us. This is a collection of songs which goes some way to expressing a few of our thoughts and, I suppose, our outlook on life.


This album grew from a band that Debbie, Gerry, Elaine and Kris were playing in a few years ago, called Precious. We were playing Gerry's arrangements of Celtic Folk music from Scotland, Ireland and America, employing Gerry and Elaine's past Folk experience. We played some 'Alternative Country' and songs by the likes of Nanci Griffith and Alanis Morrissette. We would then plug in and play Van Morrison, Dougie MacLean, REM, U2, Steve Miller, Cranberries, Radiohead and Sting covers. We would also throw in some blues-based stuff and a bit of Jazz. The gigs would sometimes last for 3 or 4 hours! We loved doing it and played to very receptive and appreciative audiences. However, deep down we wanted to write our own songs. Kris wrote quite a few poems whilst working up in Orkney and faxed them to Gerry to encourage and provoke him to turn his mind to writing songs again. Slowly but surely songs started to emerge from Gerry that excited the band enough to reform and invest money in their studio. Two years later, in January 2002, we had released our debut indie album 'Uncertain Wonders.'


To put our heart and soul into our music and take everything as it comes...

A Scottish band that has started in America - and has been played on over 400 American radio stations.
Following are 3 links to websites that are featuring our music , reviews, and where we are from + a link to our mp3 page on where you can listen to our music and download 4 of the album tracks for free:

Celtic Website Homepage in Oregon featuring the story behind some of the album tracks, general info and a special feature by Bernadette Price (a not-for-profit website and resource)
Direct link to special feature

Highlander Radio website - an internet radio station and Celtic resource site based in America. A not-for-profit website featuring 'Uncertain Wonders' as album of the month and lots of info about Celtic and Scottish music.


Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
Uncertain Wonders CD 14 January 2002
Posing As Human CD 14 May 2004
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