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Priscilla Hernández
Singer/Songwriter, Keyboard, PC, Flute, Piano
Often featuring artist friends like Mike Burn, Héctor Corcín among others


Tears for Fears, Cocteau Twins, Joe Hisaishi, Liz Fraser, Miriam Stockley, Sting
People have always compared me wrongly with bands that were not my sources of inspiration. There have been some as Tori Amos and Kate Bush, that I discovered through the comparisons my listeners made. They pointed me to their music and I was glad to discover they are great artists. They have also compared me to Enya and Loreena MacKennit and they have awesome voices, so I take it as a huge compliment. Anyway I would like to be honest and say these were not the acts that inspired me and helped me to find my song. I learnt to sing listening to male vocals as Sting, Bowie or Roland Orzábal (from Tears for Fears) and actually my way of singing show sometimes some highlights of them. I also do love soundtracks and neo-classical music, being my favourite Joe Hisaishi, whose piano playing I adore.

Singer-songwriter and composer from the Canary Islands now living in Barcelona (Spain). Ethereal gothic music, bitter and meaningful lulabies. Discover the spectral spellbinding dark side of fairytales. Melodies that weave a fantastic and unknown landscape. The light, the shade, the fairy, the ghost... A journey full of contrasts through an angelic voice that manages well in genres that goes from new age to celtic pop. "This artist may be on the brink of defining a new style of music". (gods of music)

Although she is a molecular biologist and fantasy illustrator, back in 2002 Priscilla started a musical career as a Singer songwriter and composer, becoming very popular all over the net, she has been acclaimed as a rising talent in sites and been aired in many international radio stations.

-2003: Attends to the 1st artist meeting of Ic-musicmedia.

-2003: Collaborates with Daniel Tejerina in the soundtrack of the short movie "El atardecer de un sueño" (files available for download at

-2003: Priscilla's song "Morning Light" is rearranged by Salva Moreno and mixed with an instrumental of his and published in his cd "Azhdark passion" published by Margen Records. (Spain) featuring the original vocals and melody line of Priscilla but with new arrangements.

June, 2003: Priscilla provides vocals for "In the air" a track composed by the composer Héctor Corcín and still to be published in his new cd: Sentiments

-2003: Priscilla's music starts to be classified into the "ethereal goth" genre. The dark meaning of her lyrics in contrast with the sweet sound of her vocals put her above acclaimed groups like Evanescence and Dead Can Dance in charts and voting made by well stablished gothic communities. Priscilla refuses to sign with several labels because she fights for her works as composer and not only as a mere vocalist for other's projects. Other deals were rejected because of drastic changes of genre and didn't go ahead.

-2004: Attends to 2nd meeting of ic-musicmedia (Frankfurt) performing several songs with great success, along with other well-stablished indie acts.
-Summer 2004, records along with the german brit-pop band Yellow Jumps Twice, "All I ever wanted" (download at
-October 2004, she moves to Navarra (Spain) and creates NUEVAS MÚSICAS NM, an organization to promote the indie new age artists in Spain. She records "El olvido del musgo" for Joaquin Taboada's CD "Introspective" and perform along with him in Auditorio de Barañain in a charity concert for doctors without borders.

-Sept, 2005: Priscilla performs as semi-finalist at "Encuentros de Navarra", she didn't get into the finals but got the best press: "she emerged like Venus over the seas, triumphing and triumphant"

-October, 2005: Priscilla moves to Barcelona seeking for new chances for her music career.

-Now, even if she doesn't refuse to the idea of being signed, she's working on her next CD release "Ancient shadows" thanks in part to the donations made by her friends, collaborators and fans, hopefully to be self-released late 2005 / early 2006



Several labels, managers and producers have approached to me. I've been about to be signed up to 7 times already. The conditions were always abusing in terms of "spirit of my music". I am not a teen pop star and that really shows, have nothing against but I just compose a different kind of product. If someone really likes or worship my music just the way it is (it doesn't mean that I'm not seeking for a production improvement, but I'm not intending to be a vocalist for other project, or change my songs in to trance or other genres not related with mine) then feel free to contact me. I still remain unsigned, it's been MY decision, and now my listeners and fans are supporting my upcoming project. I confess I would love to earn a life from music, and being able to gig often, I also think that I have the determination to fight for it. If you believe in what I do, feel free to contact me (only serious offers, please)

"ANCIENT SHADOWS" CD is actually a work in progress, hopefully will be available next this year. I wanted to thank the fans and listeners that have helped me to fulfill this dream. And if you like and worship my music and want to contribute, do not hesitate in visiting this page:

I also run a platform for the promotion of independent new age artists around the world that works as an e-zine and message board.

All my music and art is dedicated to my best friend KIRA (1995-2003). I shall not forget you


Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
I Steal The Leaves CD N/A 2002
Ancient Shadows preview demo CD Single 3 2005
Additional Information on Releases
The full length album "Ancient Shadows" is set for release upon completion late 2005 / early 2006.
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