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Bill Cook
Vocals, Bass Guitar
Dale McArthur
Mike "Vinnie" Fiorante
Drums, Backing Vocals

Regina, Saskatchewan

Collective Soul, Green Day, Default
Not Available

Indifference is a Regina band that brings a unique and fresh sound to the music scene. Flavors range from Heavy Alt-Rock to in your face aggression. The catchy rhythmic crunch, the raw bass growl, and deep drum work each add a cutting edge approach to every song’s “hooky” melody. Their style makes a point of staying in your head once the songs are heard. Textures and warm tones are explored often. Other songs deliver the straight up hard rock riffs crowds jump for. Riffs loud and strong enough to blow right out of the speakers announcing the presence of Indifference.

Indifference’s message is to the point. It is music people can relate to once they hear it. Emotion, originality, hardships and triumphs, family, friends, relationships-good and bad are expressed in the music. These boys each have a story to tell and tell them in their own way. In some lyrics, the singer uses his own Cree language to better express his personal emotion.
In March 2001 at a show for the National Day against Racism, the three crossed paths and put on a show with a surprising and lasting impression. The band did other shows and ended up at Regina’s 2001 Cultural Mosaic. This new powerful act drew in a significantly large crowd and following after talk of a new act in town. The end result was Indifference with Bill, Mike, and Dale.

Their rapid success has since exploded onto the mainstream and several A-circuit stages in the span of one year. Credited largely to this perfected new and unique blend of underground aggression and mainstream energy. They are now planning to take this new sound to greater heights. They are seeking the right representative who will help their rising career explode on to the international stage.

Dale has studied guitar for 13 years. He is self- taught from old tapes and magazines. Influence ranges from the classic rock scene to Modern Heavy Metal and Alt-Rock. He is well versed in most genres such as Underground Punk, Death Metal, Folk, Blues, and independent college rock. Ground- breaking bands taught him to define his new and unique playing style. He fine-tuned his skills while customizing a raw grinding tone with a lot of pure energy in previous bands before forming Indifference. Local bands and the mainstream scene, past and present, keep Dale open-minded. He always makes time for his passion, music. He writes music from life as he “hears” it. Call it a soundtrack to his life.

Bill entered the music scene three years ago. Growing up in North Saskatchewan, his first language was Cree. Bill knew his destiny when he met a fellow who showed him a few tricks on guitar. He moved to Regina to study and explore the punk scene. There, he expanded his playing skills and song writing. Bill picked up the bass and lead vocals after his first band broke up. He decided to press onward. He wrote his own vocal melodies and a few guitar parts. He plays with a pure passion that shows how he feels at the moment. This adds to his stage presence the crowds immediately relate to. His influence ranges from power pop punk to Alt/Rock bands with the mainstream edge.

MIKE (VINNIE) has been a percussionist since age five. He learned by playing polkas as a kid. Over the years, he expanded his skill and created his own personal style of playing from earlier bands. His powerful drum work is always what gets your head moving in Indifference. He plays with a lot of emotion and depth, while showing his own unique snap and off beats. Mike’s backing vocals are what complete the fullness for this power trio on stage. His musical taste and influence ranges from mainstream power pop, rock, punk, and lighter rock acts.

Indifference has been recording their demo and promoting airplay on four FM radio stations. They also created their own mini festival "Sound Of New Ground". A festival for local independent bands showcasing their material to large audiences.
Their stage presence and energy during large venue shows is attracting a lot of hype as well as media coverage. They’ve received a live recording by CBC Radio, followed later by a demo session at CBC Radio Studios. A segment on APTN’s Out of Focus, as well as printed press.


We want people to appreciate the messages in our music,its all original, NO COVERS.

INDIFFERENCE is a new raw sound to the music scene surely to catch your ear check it out! Demo by request at [email protected]

Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
Demo CD 3 2002
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