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Lead Vocals
Rick White
Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kevin Powe
Jay Boucier
Bass, Backing Vocals
Larry "dogfoode" Drums

Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Misfits, Slayer, Less Than Jake, GWAR

Fitswitch, a band of rogue musicians terrorizing the scene and corrupting its innocents with ass kickin tunes, mass alcohol consumption and a stage show chock full of insanity. With guitars that make your ears bleed, vocals that shake the ground you walk on, and a rythym section that makes more
noise than a cement mixer in heat, Fitswitch is flippin the local music scene on it's head and spankin it like a redheaded stepchild.

they don't play your momma's music..

or your daddy's...

which is good cause their music sucks.

So put your feet up, make yourself at home and say hello to the feisty biznitches that make


the underground sensation it is!


To be rock stars!!

Flip your fitswitch

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