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Tomi Korkiakangas
Vocals, Guitar
Tomi Ollila
Bass, Backing Vocals
Toni Nordman Drums


AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, Accept, The Who, Kiss .........
Heavy rock, Heavy metal, Speed metal, Hard rock, music....

Parting Shot for Turku based group Enerchy happened in January 2000. At first Tomi Ollila and Tomi Korkiakangas played in the same band called SWIN. When their drummer Timo Kangasaho left from SWIN (to form TUOMIOPÄIVÄ where Korkiakangas nowadays plays, too) the boys decided to keep on rocking and after the new drummer Toni Nordman joined the band it was time for a new name. Boys chose Enerchy from many suggestions. From the beginning band has continued with this line-up. Before Enerchy everyone has played in many various local bands ("Heath, Meadow, Tinnitus, Rokkikone, SWIN, Pyuria, The Ihminen"). Maybe the band's name describes best band's music : Enerchy. The band don't give up easily but move right along where the fence is high. The trio has recorded one self-financed CD E.P. and one four track demo so far. In the promised land of "finnrock" there's no demand for melodic heavy rock what boys play with strong grip and with full chords. Enerchy pledges allegiance to heavy! Rock!

To become rock & roll stars and make records, of course!

Enerchy is currently looking for a new drummer. new CD is on it's way this year.

Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
Zoom The Loom CD 10 2000
Triune CD 5 2000
Johanna CD 3 2002
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