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Mandy Daynes
Guitar, Vocals
Steph Walker
Keyboards, Vocals
Gareth Poulton Drums

Manchester, England
United Kingdom

Nirvana, Hole, REM, Tindersticks, PJ Harvey
Nirvana, Hole, REM, Tindersticks, PJ Harvey

Displaying a passion for both gritty realism and intense beauty, Desolation Angels lay waste to preconception, confronting the senses with a distinctive brand of anti-pop, and conjuring a brooding atmosphere by way of intricate arrangements and canny guitar dynamics.

three years ago in manchester the music scene was dead and buried, saturated with bands who simply emulated what had gone before - the madchester days had left behind them an unfortunate ghost which refused to die away.

more recently, the release of '24hour party people' once again drew attention to Manchester and it's incredible musical legacy. but as the press still flock to dig up remnants of the past, and talk of a movement of bands which engulfed the city 10 years previously, they are in danger of missing the new music growing and simmering beneath Manchester's gritty surface.

...brings you the Desolation Angels - four individuals drawn together by the threads of fate for one purpose and one purpose alter the face of musical history.

Desolation Angels signed to blue cat records in the summer of 2003 and promptly recorded their debut album deep in the industrial wasteland of magic garden studios, Wolverhampton.

The aptly titled 'Asylum' will be on nationwide release from march 8th 2004, followed by the double a-side 'Asylum / Rabbit Huts' due for release on march 29th.


They want to counter apathy with soul-stirring music and create anthemic elegies for the possessed. They want to create something lasting, special and magical purely because they feel compelled to do so. They describe themselves as Hope where rock lies rotting.


'My god, how can I begin to describe this? Could you imagine what it would sound like if you threw Mogwai, Throwing Muses, PJ Harvey and Joy Division into a DNA blender?...beautiful desolation.' -

'Touching (think The Smiths)' - NME

'Intelligently crafted and atmospheric electro-acoustic alchemy' - The Big Issue

'Desolation Angels burn like a flickering candle...tender, soul-searching, melancholy...beautiful' -

'Desolation Angels are speaking in their own celestial tongues, taking nothing at face value and fending off the killer fumes of capitalism. This music manages to combine the delicacy of emotional dust with the grit of the city streets.' - Urban Scrawl Magazine

'Beautifully dark and haunting' - Student Direct

'A dark tome, the depths of which are only mitigated by its fragility and intense beauty' -


Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
Self Title Demo CD 5 Aug. 2001
Rocks in Her Pocket E.P. CD 4 Oct. 2002
Asylum CD 13 Mar. 2004
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