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Coemgen Savage
Vocals, All Instruments

Exeter,Devon, England
United Kingdom




Influences are not only too many to mention but would give the listener too many preconceptions as to how I sound. I prefer people to make their own minds up.

Comeg has a talent for weaving sumptuous melodies which hook you in and refuse to let you go..

COMEG's first self produced album was released in 2002 and has since recorded 4 more albums. All albums are freely downloadable from his official website.
All albums have received outstanding reviews, most of which are composed of comments such as:

"It's surprising how some industry bigwig hasn't snapped up the band on their record label" -

"COMEG have the sheer brilliance that helped drive David Bowie to world stardom." -

". . . the melodic sweetness of McCartney, the clever, edgy lyrics of Lennon, and the upfront sexuality of the Stones. All wrapped in a production style that reminds me of Jeff Lynne / ELO. What’s not to love . ." - Norm Bowler - godsofmusic. com

"Every now & again we receive applications from bands we find it very difficult to believe are actually 'unsigned', COMEG are one of those bands" -

Sometimes, you get a demo through the door and within one listen you are left wondering why on earth this band has not been signed up by a record label. One such band is Comeg, simply stunning." - Scott Brown - Heathen

The track LIVE WIRE from the band's 3rd album made it through to round 2 on and was voted "Track of the day" in Dec 2004. COMEG has also written several tunes for independent movies.He also has 4 of his tracks featured as a soundtrack on a new PS2 game called "London Taxi".

On November 27th 2005 COMEG was voted No.1 with "Sleep With Me" a track from ALCOHOL FUELLED on

COMEG is also played on countless radio stations and Podcasts, both internationally and in the UK, including Pulse Rated, Kerrang and on the Mike Mendoza show On TalkSport - The UK's most commercial radio station.

Visit the official site


To be rich and famous. Less famous more rich. Anonymity and wealth is an ideal.

COMEG is a solo artist who plays and produces all his own material though is currently in the process of putting a band together.

Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
Spine CD 10 February 2003
Perfect Summer
CD 11 September 2003
The Truth Bleeds from a Liar CD 10 October 2004
Alcohol Fuelled CD 13 May 2005
Savage CD 12 February 2006
One Day CD 10 December 2006
Touched With Fire CD 9 October 2010
Waking From Sleep CD 10 November 2017
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