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Stefanie Seskin
Vocals, Flute
Morgan Rose Fite
Luca Tozzi Guitar
Marco Accattatis Bass Guitar, Vocals
Jack Gourdine Drums

Jersey City, NJ
United States of America

Too many
Sly & The Family Stone and a zillion others

This eclectic Jersey City based group is the brain child of lead singer and flutist Stefanie Seskin, recipient of ASCAP's 2001, 2002 & 2003 ASCAPLU$ songwriter award in the "Popular" category.. "I put the band together mainly because I wanted a core of fellow nut cases who I could play with on a regular basis," she said. "We're all really different people from various musical and cultural backgrounds, but when we play together the vibe on stage is electric." blue number nine, formed at the end of 1995, is the largest project of this music maker since childhood, whose own blood-line of professional artists includes her grandfather, Fred Skerritt. Skerritt played with some of jazz's greats during his time with Machito's Afro Cuban Orchestra in the 1940's and his love of a strong rhythm layered with the melodic flavor of many cultures is a foundation strongly infused in his granddaughter.

Seskin's strong stage presence is due not only to years of playing music, but also to her dance training and natural athletic ability - and lest anyone think Stefanie is solely a creature of music and movement, she also holds a Master's Degree in Communications. This combination of the aesthetic and the intellectual makes her a dynamic songwriter, creating music that you can think about and dance to.

Marco Accattatis covers the bass guitar. Marco moved to the US from Italy to study music and has since performed on various projects covering a broad range of styles - jazz, fusion, funk, rock, dance, caribbean, r&b, soul, pop, and bluegrass. Currently, he plays with several other groups, teaches private students and was also performer/composer in residence for the NYU New Music Ensemble at New York University.

Guitarist Luca Tozzi, also originally from Italy, was recently asked to join blue number nine after he added his creative and expressive guitar work to tracks on the band's upcoming CD. He began formal music training at age 16 and has since lived and peformed professionally with many different artists in Rome, Italy, London and now, New York City. His experience ranges from jazz to blues to funk to rock and more. He has won many awards from Berkless summer clinics, the Eddie Lang jazz festival and others.

The final ingredient in the core of the rhythm section is Jack M. Gourdine II, a drummer since the age of 13. An army brat raised in Okinawa, Gourdine spent his teens playing NCO clubs - a tough proving-ground for a young musician. His professional experiences range from marching bands to orchestras to soul and R&B groups - his range provides the group with the rock-solid foundation that only a seasoned drummer can provide.

In the vocals department, blue number nine also boasts diverse and talented women who round off the group's sound with tight vocal harmonies. Nedge Guercin, from California, and Morgan Rose Fite, from PA, both studied jazz in college. Their expertise and strong vocals as well as their energetic dance make the band's live show unique. Also sitting in with bn9 at select gigs is percussionist and vocalist Joel Hirsch. With a wealth of experience and complete knowledge of all percussion instruments, Joel adds yet another dimension to the funky sound.

The Random Horns are Jenny Hill on sax, Rob Susman on trombone and Nabate Isles on trumpet. Their musical credits would require a seperate website; If you click on their any of their names, you will go to a new website, in fact!

Blue Number Nine is a unique blend of musicians and musical styles, flavored with intelligence and expertise, given to aural flight but never far from the beat. Their high energy performances and fresh funk grooves draw an audience into a special musical world of sound, movement and joy.

Tour, tour and tour... and break even on all the money we've spent on CD's & gear and lessons and whatnot.

Not Currently Available

Album title
No. Tracks Release Date
Blue Number nine CD 11 May 2000
Saving Spot (Live) CD 8 September 2001
On a Shoestring CD 12 June 2003
Living It Up In The World CD 12 June 2005
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